Born in Oudtshoorn 1956. Worked as commissioning editor and book publisher in Cape Town for 25 years, specializing in cookery, interiors and craft. Years of collaboration with designers, photographers, stylists and illustrators provided excellent training regarding composition and colour. The art and architecture of especially New York, Berlin, Barcelona and San Francisco have been a further source of inspiration.

Studied painting under Spies Venter from 2006-2010. Relocated to Reebok (near Mossel Bay) in 2008 where I live in my renovated beachfront cottage in the historic heart of the village, surrounded by family cottages built circa 1909.

"Nelma Ruschioni intrigues with the spaces she opens up for the viewer, working as it were, from the known to the unknown, creating surreal landscapes that are compelling as well as emotionally sensitive. This she achieves through her confident brushwork and refreshing use of colour and texture."

Spies Venter (October 2010)

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