Beach house prints

Nine of my photographs printed on A3-size high-quality paper provide a quick and easy way to create a seaside atmosphere! Group in 3's, mix and match, frame them, block them or just put them on the wall as is. The actual photographs measure 240 mm x 240 mm and are surrounded by lots of white with English or Afrikaans text at the bottom:

crashing waves crunchy sand silky water dancing reflections rolling foam blue skies drifting seagulls floating clouds windswept dunes powdery beaches sunkissed bodies salty air caressing breeze smooth pebbles curved shells sensuous shapes glistening colours splashed shadows

rollende branders bruisende skuim gladgespoelde klippe glinsterende kleure poeierwit strande diepgetrapte spore sag geronde skulpe riffelende skadu's golwende duine saffierblou lug swewende seevoëls drywende wolke lomerige bries sonwarm lywe souterige druppels fluweelsagte water

R30.00 each

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