In October 2010 I started with two new themes that I would like to explore in the months to come.

Interior with Senufo stool

Photographs of an Australian interior designer's beach cottage featured in House and Leisure
(December 2008) inspired me to place the iconic Senufo stool in modern interiors. For the moment I have planned a series of three paintings but more might follow.

Interior with Senufo stool 1 (500 mm x 500 mm) R1 750


The multiple layering of rich colours and the pleasure of working with painting knives; textures and patterns; playing with reflected light. Just some of the elements that I plan to experiment with on canvases of various sizes. In Symphony 1 (not finished as yet) I have used seven different hues of blue, applied with a variety of brushes and painting knives.

Symphony 1 (700 mm x 950 mm) R3 000
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